Meet Dr. Michael Green

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Michael Green, MD

Experience -

Dr Green has over 18 years experience in medical aesthetics. He opened his first Aesthetic office, LightCare Medical Spa in May 2000. In November 2013 he took over all medical services at Spaderma Med Spa in Lincoln Park. With a desire to be more hands-on with injections as opposed to supervising multiple other injectors, he has now opened MGMD Aesthetics where, along with 25 years experience as an Emergency Physician, he will use his aesthetic expertise to provide customized injections with meticulous attention to your needs and desired outcome.

Time -

Unlike other Med Spas and aesthetic practices, Dr Green takes the time to understand what your goals are and help you achieve them whenever possible. While some places take an “inject by numbers” approach with every patient getting the same pattern of injections, he examines each and every muscle to be injected for the best placement of neuromodulators and evaluates each and every face with an individualized approach to a more youthful appearance.

Caring -

Dr Green uses his experience and allows ample time because he truly cares about people. It is the caring approach which has led him to scale down the size of the office to a more intimate setting with the goal of real improvement, one patient at a time and not a rapid fire high volume approach to moving patients through the system.